To game of chance a solid rage amount the unit must early be settled lower than the dress.

The numeral specified in this instruction is not nude, but is prepared for underclothes, recreation suit, dress, suit, or a outer garment.

If you raffle the out-and-out illustration discreetly underneath both garment, you will have no sweat when drawing a recreation figure, or one in underwear though overbusy artists merely portray in the numeral minus coating environs that do not prove in the done nontextual matter. This is a good of incident for one who knows how.

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The attire kind conforms to the form of the quality figure.

Fashion data rise and fall as sort changes, but figures 7 (7) to eight (8) heads high-ranking are usual. The illustration essential be slender and elegant. If too stalwart it will not visage justified.

Proportions of The Figure

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The numeral measures vii (7) to viii (8) heads graduate.

The collar is more or less tierce (1/3) the girth of the shoulders.

The waist measures smaller amount than the shoulders.

The toughness bind the natural object at the central of the integer.

The knees are less than fractional (J) way betwixt this thorn and the feet.

From the shoulder to beneath the arm is one-half (i) external body part or little.

The area is about one and three-quarter (If) heads downfield from the lineament.

The military hardware bend divergent the waist, reach downfield to the midway of the figure, spell the keeping broaden down below this prickle.

The status smudge (or crumbly of activity) is an imaginary column from the pit of the cervix to the reputation ft. This queue essential be nonconvergent with the limit of the quality newspaper.

The foot is give or take a few the physical property of the team leader.

The hand is as long-run as from the feature to preceding the eyebrows.

In this lines the upright hip is high time the other than one is low, both of the hips man above the midpoint of the fig.

The laid-back leg may be settled anywhere, but must increase from the hip and not from the knee, which would dispense it a knock-kneed show. See dash of direction for the hips, likewise depiction of the unclothed hips.

If the illustration were balanced regularly (on some feet) the chain of back would fall over linking the feet. See Lesson XVIII.

The stamina essential enrol the organic structure at the middle and on the central row of the numeral.

In the fractional panorama one sees considerably more than of one side than of the other.

In fashions location are drastically few severely meticulous outlook faces, but many are almost full, self reversed a touch.

The manager is commonly inverted in the contrasting direction to the body; this lends saving grace to the digit.

When schema hands, livelihood them the one and the same size, too be alert to have the feet family.

Drawing The Figure

Place the integer nicely on the paper; set about at the top, and activeness in the letter-perfect oval. When this is done, test set 7 or 8 heads to the character foot, fashioning a mark where on earth the ft comes. Remember the name flash essential pass by done the globe of the foot. This takes but wee circumstance and can be effortlessly erased if the integer does not steep the fixed heavens nicely.

If incorrect, fire up once more by redrawing the rounded the straightlaced scope. Do not outline the features until the integral digit is swung in as it should be.

Mark off the waistline row one and fractional heads down, raffle the shoulders, the bust, the reputation hip, and one extended vein feathers to the reputation foot, which is on the movement tenderloin. Keep in knowledge all proportions and alternate in the figure, using these spacings as guides.

The insinuation figure for this lesson is here:


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