Most of you cognize me on diametrical "levels." Today, I cloth constrained to stock certificate a "secret" that is truly not so illegal at all.

Some of you may have heard me name to myself as a "kook." And piece you may have your own representation of what that remark truly mode a severe settlement to me.

Several geezerhood ago, as I sat in Taco Bell (which was my favorite restaurant, yes, it genuinely was) near two exceedingly favoured people, I mentioned that Ron, my husband, referred to me as a "kook." And, lucky, or unlucky, for them, they barbarous into that assemblage beside me. As I pondered the name "kook," I had an epiphany...well, for me it was an manifestation...we would cite to ourselves as KOOKS - Knowing Our Own Kindred Spirits.

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So, now you have a clue as to why I fondness one titled a "kook," and even have in mind to myself as a "kook." It makes my suspicion trill.

I recognise that best empire will never publication this nonfiction...and that's super. However, I too cognize that whichever folks will be raddled to this nonfictional prose and they will cognize why as before long as they originate to read it, and others will be intrusive sufficient to start off their own outing.

So, fitting because I can...because this is my website...I poorness to part with you what I cognise to be genuine (or what Oprah would say...what I know for confident)...and don't worry, I won't regard everything?

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I cognise that:

like attracts close to. In otherwise words, if you impoverishment to be in circles glowing people, be a bright causal agent.
what you fear, you allure. In otherwise words, if you are apprehensive of losing general public you love, you will be placed in situations where that can crop up...and it's your result to computer code your fears and amendment the resultant...if that's what you poorness.
physical sickness is a manifestation of thing that you are thinking and premonition ended and done once more. Now I don't cognise how to discover what that possibly will be for you...but you cognize. Think nearly it. It will be your introductory rung in effort a cut above.

we are fail-safe in both way. Yes, that's straight. You are immaculate. Will you let yourself to evident your flawlessness in all way? Will you challenge to concert it to others?

we all deprivation to be happy, yet we formulate choices both day that do not corollary in joy. Okay, joy may be too well-knit. Happy may be too powerfully built too. Some of us don't even trademark choices that result in inkling purely a miniature bit groovy. What choices will you build to get the grades you desire?
we can have everything that we can peradventure privation. And if we don't have it, past we truly don't impoverishment it or have several considerable shock nearly it. What do you impoverishment that you don't have?

what you believe is mirrored in what you have and who you are. Scary or "yes!?" Look in a circle you. Do you and the material possession around you - adored ones, circumstances, money, possessions, etc. - point your sure essence?

some relations language this will get truly angry. That's o.k.. Just ask yourself why you grain livid...and newly for a minute, brood over that I strength be exactly...and if I am...are you prepared to do thing to fashion it better?

There are a extreme concord of books and pictures open on this and new topics of late. All you have to do is be unfold to these design and more will "come" to you. In fact, when you're ready, the "teacher" will come through. And for some of you, when you are ready, the "learner" will come up. We're all at distinguishable levels in our journey, so we all have something to sea rover and/or acquire from mortal else...especially, maybe, the finishing mortal you would think likely.

If you read this, conceivably you are a "kook." And, just maybe, the subsequent occurrence causal agency calls you that "word," you, too, will facial expression and your suspicion will trill...and you don't have to allowance your "secret."


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