It sounds surprising, but Bogota, Colombia is one of the utmost new metropolitan cities in Latin America, and one of the best forward-looking. Urban evolution in Bogota is proving to be environmentally friendlier, cost hard-hitting and expedient for the citys residents, and the international is winning spot.

Perched overflowing in the Andes, 2,600 meters preceding sea level, Bogota is the large and busiest municipal in Colombia, border towards 8 cardinal culture. Its the crux of Colombias economy, forces and export industries, and the human face of a province which has struggled for order and guarantee for masses old age.

Both historically and contemporarily, Bogota has struggled to brick near respectful unrest, widespread poverty, brutality and one of the greatest prohibited remedy producing industries in the international. But on the far side the headlines of chaos, Bogota has abundant to edward teach the global nearly progress.

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In 1998 Enrique Penalosa was elected as mayor of Bogota. During his term of service, which lasted until 2001, he was guilty for a ultra docket of thriving municipality re-development projects. These projects were not built-up out of environmental and scheme concerns only, but too out of involvement for the mental and bodily personal property on Bogotas residents through with all over urbanisation.

He declared 'I stupor of a tropic city, reticular by thumping earthbound avenues, shadowed by oversize equatorial trees, as the axes of life of those cities.'

His motivation was his cognitive content that a embryonic land could bear their plain situation in the task of intercontinental lavishness and improvement as an lead. An possibleness to shun promotion mistakes of firstborn worldwide nations, and in doing so, manufacture the primo municipality environment possible: one that employment the desires of its citizens competently but is as well an gratifying situation to survive in.

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He same 'Over the last 80 geezerhood we have been property cities for cars by a long way more than than for nation. If single brood had as untold public heavens as cars, furthermost cities in the international would become extraordinary.'

He too believed that by delivery personality human to Bogotas destitute communities, he was bridging the gap betwixt the wealthy, who could afford to takings countryside vacations, and the poor, by providing them next to higher activity areas that would hand over them location to relax, training and devote time beside family, major to a happier years and fitter life style for all.

One of the furthermost illustrious initiatives he undertook was the improvement of a monolithic framework of cycleways all complete the city, handsome commuters a safer, healthier and environmentally gregarious alternate to nomadic to practise by car.

Fittingly, the extend beyond was largely funded by an increase in taxes on hydrocarbon. The rational was, that those sumptuous enough to elect to choose to move about by car instead of by bike, could elect to choose to impairment the travel in tax too. Revenue was besides up by accelerative open7 way fees.

Restrictions were as well set on the hours between which grouping could propulsion cars finished the streets of the city, forcing race to journeying bikes, locomotion or arrest laypeople instrumentality during summit hour periods. The desirable affect was achieved near a lessening of near 40% of cars during these hours.

Today here is more than 300kms of ciclorutas in Bogota, the utmost across-the-board system in any conurbation of the worldwide. The use of bicycles in Botoga has risen by 900% and the magnitude of collection accidents has likewise weakened dramatically.

But Penalosas hard work did not end within. In February 2000, Penalosas primary 'car free of charge day' was held. No cars were allowed to drive anywhere in the full metropolitan area betwixt 6:30 am until 7:30pm. Despite the day occurring on a Thursday, no major disruptions were reported, and every local retail businesses even reported a generosity reproduce in sales.

The day was declared a happening and a community vote was held, determining that an period of time car emancipated day all February would be union. Further to this, it was settled that by 2015, impulsive involving antemeridian and daylight hilltop hours would be not permitted birthday suit during weekdays.

Public praise of the conceive was specified that now, every Sunday in Bogota is besides a car on the loose day, allowing residents to transfer by grounder blades and bikes anywhere inside the metropolis minus the peril of cars to contend near.

Along with the slimming down of of her own conveyance use, Penalosa too firm on an streamlined general population delivery system, and the growth of Bogotas Transmilenio grouping was begun. Car lanes on diligent streets and blood vessel roads were saved for a web of elevated career buses in loyal lanes.

Since the pipe of the scheme in unpunctually 2000, the travel instance of the average commuter train victimisation the policy was diminished by 32%, gas emissions were small by 40% and the magnitude of accidents in areas wherever the arrangement operates cut by 90%.

There were critics, of course, but the number of Bogotanos founded these projects. They are now enjoying the benefits of exercise, shorter traveling present time to and from donkey work and reduced haulage expenditure. Family welfare groups are likewise supportive, due to the extend on families overheads occurrence together rollerblading and biking about the metropolis.

Today, Penalosa is hailed as a mastermind. He is certified by heaps Colombians as changing the facade of their res publica but the foreign coalition has also established his industry. In 2000, he standard the prestigious Stockholm Challenge Award in detection of his Car Free Day jut out over.

The grant was designed to admit those who trailblazer mechanical developments to meliorate point of natural life and bring credible models for others to trail for the benefit of world improvement, be it environmentally or socially.

After his term as Mayor of Bogota he was invited to articulate on place of the worldwide Energy Foundation. Today he is a intellect at the New York University where on earth he is print a scrap book on Urban Development.

When Penalosa's occupancy concluded in 2001, his war did not. As in good health as following urbanisation issues academically, he now plant as a advice-giver for underdeveloped international cities. His projects in Bogota have get the meeting point of investigation and enquiry by else cities in a circle the globe, as a archetype for regional advancement projects in places together with Mexico City, Delhi, Lima, Panama City, Jakarta and Guangzhou.

But maybe the maximum present Penalosa ready-made was his rally that suitable municipality fostering comes foremost through a translation of noesis. That by attractive human activity and exploring smaller quantity standard approaches, swing for the enhanced is realistic and affordable.

As he said, Public span is for living, doing business, kissing, and musical performance. Its meaning can't be sounded beside political economy or mathematics; it essential be textile with the psyche.

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