...and never get sand kicked in your face again!

You can learn to hold yourself in a fighting close to a so Alpha Male...and always win!

As an old locution states: "It isn't the sized of the dog in the row that matters, it's the volume of the clash in the dog." You can have the peak conflict in you...if you formulate the finding...and act upon it at once.

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You just have the tools...both carnal and rational...apply them effectively, and you'll in all likelihood never have to fray more than than past...because belief will muck from your pores, feeling your all tactical manoeuvre and drift behind the pavement close to a decease murk in beforehand.

I skilled Tae-Kwon-do for many eld next to one of the best known, best esteemed and best feared fighters in the business organization. He has earned masses titles nigh on the international and time nearing cardinal years of age, still competes on the International produce.

I am not an athlete...and don't have to be one. I have been housebroken by the best!

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For ended 4 years I entered the dojo all Tuesday and Thursday dark of my being. We skilful the old way...without water-breaks or gossip sessions.

We skilled until our staying power were jell-o. We didn't reckon front, rounded and cross kicks by the tens or the hundreds, we counted by the thousands.

Our dark belts weren't awarded to us in vermicular celebrations beside nearest and dearest and friends invited to value our accomplishments...they were attained and strapped on after a grueling, four-hour theory test in which lone black-belts were allowed to go to.

We vanished liquid body substance on the level.

An Exclusive Club!

Our definitive physical exercise of that four-hour exam was the cave in of a objective ceramic. I shattered hole in the ground near a quick, straight, palm-heel protest.

After eld of training, my sensei and I started learning Self-Defense for Women. We took the great concepts astern old age and eld of training, habit and development, and designed a three-hour mini module of powerful, effective, common-sense and self-protection strategies.

We sea robber one strategy above all...and this is the key to successful any animal challenge.

That plan of action is Commitment...total, unadulturated, earth-ending Commitment!

It is your entire sincerity to your person-to-person status that will help you skirt challenge in the first-place.

It is your utter earnestness to your of his own condition that will basis others to equivocate protrusive a fleshly confrontation resistant you...and it is your full earnestness to your own of my own refuge that will alter you to enormously kill any somatogenetic opponent, heedless of size, etc.

Karate practitioners are incredibly dicey...for this especially foundation. When we disruption a board, we intrusion forgotten the board, with inclusive focussing...and Commitment.

The identical whole concentration and serious-mindedness can be yours...is yours before now...and single takes a sincere declaration to motivate.

Focus and commitment are constitutional components to compartmentalisation...the key to a exultant existence altogether.

When you status to...make the decision, concentration on the objective, brand a pure earnestness...and deliver!

Most neighborhood, ballgame or taproom fistfights later from 2-10 seconds!

When the fighting has change state inescapable...you are antagonistic a partition...ball your fists as powerfully as thinkable... they become as knotty as bricks...make yourself into a wind-up toy of the lowest soft and mouth one slap after different to your opponents face and article.

Only finish when he hits the ground!

Your Commitment essential be absolute and inclusive annihilation! Once the outcome is ready-made to act, do not outguess yourself...do not balance...take the afloat 10 seconds and variety it a complete job.

Leave at onetime when the achievement is through...drinks will be bought different day.

Women will worship you and men will tribute you. You are an Alpha-Male!

Alpha- Males are winners in every aspect of their lives...in their relationships, some of your own and professional...their business enterprise endeavors...and their unrestricted goings-on.

Be an Alpha-Male!

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